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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
09/25/1946 Bishan Singh Bedi, a former Indian cricketer was born.
09/25/1524 Vasco-de-Gama was the Last Viceroy of Portuguese, who ruled India.
09/25/1857 Lucknow relief by Havelock & Outram begins.
09/25/1899 Narhar Gangadhar Apte, great Hindi writer, was born at Satara.
09/25/1914 Devilal, former deputy Prime Minister of India and leader of farmers, was born.
09/25/1916 Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay, great litterateur, philosopher, social worker and first General Secretary of UP branch, was born at Dhankia village, Rajasthan.
09/25/1919 Rayat Educational Institute (Rayat Shikshan Sanstha) was established.
09/25/1922 Shri Nath Pai, freedom fighter, Barrister and Member of Parliament, was born in Konkan region of Maharashtra.
09/25/1927 Jagmohan Amirchand was born in Hafizabad (now in Pakistan).
09/25/1928 Madhavrao Gadkari, great litterateur and editor, was born.
09/25/1936 Juliet Prowse, actress (Who Killed Teddy Bear) and dancer, was born in Bombay, India.
09/25/1946 Bishan Singh Giansingh Bedi, cricketer (mighty Indian slow left-armer 1966-79), was born in Amritsar. He received the Arjun Award (1969) and the Padmashree (1970).
09/25/1947 Kashmir accedes to Indian Union.
09/25/1954 14 Members of Parliament (MP) form a new party called the Union of Socialist Progress. Acharya Kripalani is the leader.
09/25/1962 Rajiv Ramesh Kulkarni, cricketer (Indian Test pace bowler 1986-87), was born in Bombay.
09/25/1984 Indian Army withdraws from the Golden Temple; repair of Akal Takht complete.
09/25/1985 Akali Dal wins Punjab state elections.
09/25/1990 L. K. Advani, BJP President, starts his Somnath Temple, Ayodhya Rath Yathra.
09/25/1990 S. S. Chauhan, one of the students who had suffered severe burns while trying to immolate himself in protest against implementation of Mandal Commission Report, died.
09/25/1990 Sabyasachi Mukherji, Chief Justice of Supreme Court, aged 63, died in London.
09/25/1990 Prafull Chandra Sen, former Chief Minister of West Bengal and Gandhian leader, died in Calcutta. He was 94 years old.
09/25/1993 Soli Sorabji, 63, nominated as Prosecutor of the International War Crimes Court by UN Secretary General.
09/25/1997 BAI-IBC dispute resolved.
09/25/1997 India clinches the Red & White Latif Masters International Snooker title in Karachi.
09/25/1999 Eighth SAF Games inaugurated in Kathmandu.
09/25/2000 A Delhi Court dismisses applications of three of the 17 accused seeking dropping of proceedings against them in the sensational Coomar Narain espionage case which hit the headlines and rattled the Rajiv Gandhi Government in 1985.


Other Historical Dates and Events
09/09/1898Explosive Department of India was established at Nagpur. This is presently under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.
06/09/1998The rupee plunges to an all-time low of Rs. 42.23/25 against the dollar.
10/09/1946Jinnah's 9-point demands conveyed to Congress.
12/23/1998Jayaprakash Narayan posthumously awarded Bharat Ratna, the country's biggest honour.
04/30/1870Dadasaheb Phalke alias Dhundiraj Gobind Phalke was born at Trymbakeshwar near Nasik, Maharashtra. He is remembered as the 'Father of Indian Cinema'. He produced India's first feature Film, 'Raja Harishchandra' and founded Phalke & Co. at Bombay. He was a director, producer, writer, editor & laboratorian, portrait photographer and also a scene-painter.
03/01/1968Salil Ashok Ankola, cricketer (Indian pace bowler one Test 1989), was born in Solapur.
01/03/1987Arvind Deshpande, famous actor, died.
08/02/1880Bellary Raghava, famous actor, lawyer, social worker and dramatist, was born.
07/14/1636Aurangzeb was appointed as Shahjahan by Viceroy of Deccan.
03/23/1962Nawab of Pataudi captains Indian cricket team vs WI at the age of 21 years 77 days.