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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
1/16/1620 Amarsingh I, Rajput's guhilot lineage king of Mewad, died.
1/16/1681 Sambhaji was crowned as the successor of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in a function held at Raigad Fort.
1/16/1818 The Rana of Udaipur signed a treaty with the British to protect Mewad.
1/16/1858 Baithi, Laikha, Ratna, Maani, and the women who participated in Mairath Kranti at Gudgaon, all were hanged.
1/16/1896 Jaideva Singh, famous musician and educationist, was born Shohratgarh, U.P.
1/16/1901 Mahadeo Govind Ranade, eminent social worker and thinker, passed away.
1/16/1916 Amat Debananda, politician, was born in Balani village at Orissa .
1/16/1919 Nasikrao Khantadu Tirpude, former Duputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, was born.
1/16/1920 Nani Palkhiwala, famous law expert, was born.
1/16/1924 In a tragic ship wreck, Kumaran Asan, famous Malayalam poet & eminent social worker, died.
1/16/1938 Sarat Chandra Chatterji, famous Bengali novelist and writer, passed away.
1/16/1941 Ashok Vajpai, veteran critic and Hindi poet, was born.
1/16/1942 Jawaharlal Nehru succeeds Gandhi as head of Indian National Congress.
1/16/1945 Kabir Bedi, famous Hindi and foreign actor (Thief of Baghdad, Terminal Entry), was born.
1/16/1948 Pakistan charges India with systematic campaign to wipe out Muslims.
1/16/1954 Baburao Painter (Baburao Krishnaji Meshri), famous artist, sculptor, filmmaker and producer, died.
1/16/1966 Sadhu Thanwardas Lilaram Vaswani, noted thinker and saint poet, great orator, professor and prolific writer, died at Pune.
1/16/1973 Om Prakash Mehra, Air Chief Marshal PVSM, became the Air Officer Commanding, India Command. He was in this office till 31/01/1976.
1/16/1985 Balram Jakhar elected Speaker of the Lok Sabha.
1/16/1988 L. K. Jha, famous economist and member of Rajya Sabha, died.
1/16/1989 Prem Nazir, famous actor of more than 620 Malayalam films, died at the age of 59 yrs.
1/16/1990 All Governors asked to resign.
1/16/1990 Dr. R.R. Diwakar, Gandhian and former Union Minister, passed away.
1/16/1992 Prices of steel and iron decontrolled.
1/16/1992 For the first time in a decade, India decides to import one million tonnes of wheat.
1/16/1995 India and USA form new trade framework called Indo-US Commercial Alliance and signs contracts worth $ 1.4 b.
1/16/1995 Missile carrier vessel 'Vidhrut' dedicated to nation.
1/16/1996 Supreme Court says trial courts should hold trial of rape cases in camera.
1/16/1996 Union Cabinet Minister V.C. Shukla, Balram Jhakar, Madhavrao Scindia, and others including BJP President L.K. Advani, Arjun Singh and Devi Lal chargesheeted in the multi-crore Jain `Hawala' case. CBI seeks sanction to prosecute them. L.K. Advani resigns from Lok Sabha membership.
1/16/1997 Dr. Datta Samant, Trade Union leader, shot dead in Mumbai.
1/16/1999 Ritwick Bhattacharya (Delhi) and Mekhala Subedar (Maharashtra) won the men's and women's titles in the National squash championship in Calcutta.
1/16/2000 P. Moses, Indian High Commission Staff member, badly beaten up and abducted by Pakistani intelligence operators in Islamabad.
1/16/2000 Punjab men, Railway women win the Senior National Volleyball championship in Salem.


Other Historical Dates and Events
3/15/1908Police shoot four people in rioting.
12/5/1943The Japanese planes attack Calcutta port.
12/17/2000The 13-day nationwide postal strike called off.
12/22/1998Janata Dal's S. Jaipal Reddy selected for the ''best parliamentarian award'' for 1998.
1/20/1996The Indian Army conducted United Nation Peacekeeping Keeping Operations in New Delhi from 20 to 26 Jan 1996, wherein delegates from UN HQ and 17 foreign countries of the Asia-Pacific region participated. The Under Secretary General, Mr Kofi Annan, was the chief guest.
6/3/1947Evening newspaper 'Jay Hind' published.
1/14/1995The 5th Pay Commission suggests trimming of bureaucracy.
6/17/1950Syed Wazir Ali, cricketer (7 Tests for India), passed away.
5/13/1949Maharashtra Granthalay Sangh was established.
7/20/1990GOI notifies restrictions on liberal import policy announced earlier. The restrictions will cut the import bill by about Rs. 1000 crore.