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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
7/28/1872 Albert P Sarraut, French Governor General of Indo-China (1911..19)/PM (1933/36), was born.
7/28/1909 Brahmanand Reddi Kasu, politician, was born at Madras.
7/28/1912 Ramchandra Gondo Ginde, famous neuro surgeon, was born.
7/28/1914 Japanese boat 'Kamagata Maru' was compelled to deport to India from Vancouver, Canada. The ship was boarded with active freedom fighters who were against the British Government.
7/28/1921 Congress decided to boycott the visit of Prince of Wales in India.
7/28/1921 The All-India Congress Party votes to boycott a forthcoming visit by the Prince of Wales and urges a boycott of imported cloth.
7/28/1924 Many deaths were reported and several villages were destroyed due to floods in the south.
7/28/1939 Tarun Ram Phookun, great lawyer, orator, eminent writer and President of the Assam Chhatra Sammelan in 1928, passed away.
7/28/1946 Sister Alphonsa, good teacher and social worker, died at Bharananganam.
7/28/1972 India and Pakistan sign Simla Pact, settling border dispute in Kashmir.
7/28/1989 Mufti Mohammad Sayeed was disqualified from Rajya Sabha. It was the first case of such disqualification from the House under anti-defection law.
7/28/1994 Sudhakarrao Naik, G. Ramanujam and O. N. Srivastava appointed Governors.
7/28/1994 Uproar in Parliament over the Government's rejection of JPC report.
7/28/1997 Calling and holding of bandhs by political parties and other associations or organisations declared 'Illegal and unconstitutional' by a Full Bench of the Kerala High Court.
7/28/1997 12 persons are killed and 69 injured as New Delhi-bound Karnataka Express rams Himsagar Express at Old Faridabad station level-crossing in Haryana.
7/28/1999 Shiv Sena president Bal Thackeray is banned from voting and contesting in any election for six years from December 11, 1995 on the recommendations of the Election Commission.


Other Historical Dates and Events
3/5/1990Government announces an interim relief of Rs. 360 crore to 5 lakh victims of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy.
2/23/1908Maharaj Kumar Raghubir Sinh, famous Hindi writer and historian, was born.
2/25/2000The Supreme Court stays the Madras High Court order discharging the former Chief Minister and AIADMK supremo, Ms. Jayalalitha, from the two TANSI deal cases.
10/3/1831Britishers captured Mysore.
4/22/1930Revolutionary Surjya Sen's many associates were killed and Surjya Sen ""Masterda"" himself went underground, on Jalalabad Hill and started extending his activities to neighbouring districts.
1/14/1959Indira Gandhi, Nehru's daughter, emerges as leading choice for president in New Delhi.
7/22/1991New industrial policy for liberalisation of economies announced in Parliament.
5/15/1992Harshad Mehta suspended.
9/3/1994The government decides to disinvest government holding in 21 Public Sector Units including ITI, IOC and ITDC.
1/8/1964Jack ""Murph the Surf"" Murphy, 27, and a companion were arrested in Miami as suspects in the theft of $410,000 rare gems from the American Museum of Natural History in October of last year. The world's largest sapphire, the Star of India, and eight of the other 22 stolen gems were returned to New York in an attorney's coat pocket, having been recovered in two water-logged suede pouches from a Miami bus terminal locker with the help of a third suspect. The three described themselves as ""beach boys."" Murphy is a sometimes an aquatic clown, but mainly they were notorious jewel thieves. Murphy was also accused of pistol-whipping actress Eva Gabor and stealing jewels worth $50,000 from her a year ago.